Mint Pictures is a ‘one-stop shop’ equipped with the latest high definition Avid DX editing systems as well as pristine audio recording equipment to ensure quality from start to finish across all editing processes.

Combining multiple editing suites with full high definition monitoring, solid state and tape ingesting with a variety of mastering formats, such as digital delivery, digital Betacam, XDCam HD and 4:2:2 HDCam SR, the highest quality broadcast mastering format available, Mint Pictures is able to deliver picture and sound quality that meets or exceeds broadcaster requirements.

                  Edit suite keyboard and desk low angle 2-a-Edit suite desk and screens-0017314

Facilities onsite in Glebe include:

One Online Avid Symphony Suite running Media Composer 7.4 with symphony option for advanced colour grading, conforming and mastering with full HD client monitor and broadcast calibrated monitor. This suite also has stereo reference monitors, a Boris motion graphic package and a DaVinci Resolve 12 package.

Two Broadcast Standard Avid Suites running Media Composer 7.4 for broadcast quality editing and mastering. These can also be used as offline editing suites for projects looking to be taken into Symphony for online and audio sweetening. These suites are also fitted with HD monitors and audio monitoring facilities and a Boris motion package.

Three Editing Assist/Producer suites running Media Composer 7.4 for ingesting, logging and editorial support.

One Producer log station with reference monitor and a DigiBeta J-30 and XD deck for simple logging and paper editing.

One voice-over booth connected to the Avid suites for quick and clean voice recording.

All six edit suites are connected to an advanced Avid shared storage system meaning all assets can be shared between suites. The system is routed via a machine room and mastering options are available from the online Avid Symphony and the two broadcast standard suites.